Induction Cooker

Product Image (Induction Cooker Voice Model)

Induction Cooker

Price: 1750 INR/Piece

During the infancy of induction heat treating coil development, the specific features of the induction coil primarily were determined through an analytical-, experience-, and experimental-based method. Concepts for induction coils were created by physicists. Calculations of coil parameters were determined by manually solving complex equations. Induction coil designs initially were made by draftsmen on blueprints. Most inductors were manufactured by craftsmen using a combination of copper tubing, manually machined components, and copper plates brazed together.

Product Image (Infrared Cooker)

Infrared Induction Cooker

Price: 1700 INR/Piece

The Infrared Cooker is the newest addition to the Clearline range of home appliances. ... It uses a high quality ceramic infra red heating element . Food is cooked evenly without any hot and cold spots. The crystal glass top surface is easy to clean.


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